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Ashley Wood - MGS Cyberninja

my video game creepypasta

i turned on my next gen gaming console and i couldn’t believe it……8bit blood was dripping all over the main screen



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An Evening In Paris (1967)

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when i’m playing mgs and i’m all out of tranqs while running i just roll at my enemy because i would rather snake turn his well sculpted body into a wheel of pure terror than break my tactical espionage action immersion by submitting to puny military grade weapons

Earthly Paradise with the Fall of Adam and Eve - Peter Paul Rubens and Jan Bruegel the Elder - Royal Cabinet of Paintings, Mauritshuis, The Hague.1615-1617.

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Part II

Queer Desi loves/ prophets/ dayans/ interplanetary healers/ artists/ ocean shifters
W/ azaadiart

To all qtpoc folx livin n breathing w so much resilience



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Every year, over 40,000 children are lodged between a pair of heavy anime boobers. They’re lured in with promises of a kind onee-chan to look up to and before they know it their cries are being silence by “kyaa ecchi!! *camera pans to the sky*”. These terrifying oddly drawn titty monsters are in your SoL, your High School Comedy and even your sci-fi, sitting and waiting to smoosh a poor child for unknown reasons. This mysterious epidemic has become such a regular occurrence that some choose to not to even interfere with the injustice that’s happening right before their eyes. Keep your child safe by having a talk with them about titty monsters and the dangers they pose this coming anime season.

i’m going to watch queen’s blade in hopes that my self respect will be zapped from my body and i’ll melt into some sort of primordial ooze. 



Tumblr, you have done it, along with 4chan. I am a man of my word, and will fulfill my part of the bargain.

Now, remember the rules: nothing lethal or extremely dangerous. 

Whichever response occurs most will be the winner. What would you like to see?

Crucifix is the clear winner. A giant bad dragon dildo is the clear second place. I will attempt to do both in due time. I will also do some other stuff that catches my fancy. Feel free to submit your own ideas. I’ll be your buttwhore.


"so, what do you do" "well, i act like a teenager on the internet for Denny’s"